Alumni Information Privacy & Release Policy

Cornell College regards all information (freely given or learned) about its alumni to be confidential in nature.  Therefore, care is used in the dissemination of any alumni information to individuals involved in College approved activities on an “as need to know” basis.  Cornell College retains the rights to, and ownership of, any and all information released to individuals acting on behalf of the College.

It is understood that, when the College releases information, the intent is to use it for College related purposes only.  The use of names, addresses or other information released to any individual for non-approved activities is strictly prohibited.

No part of any confidential alumni information may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical or photocopied, without the consent of the Office of Alumni & College Advancement.

Information Release Policy

1. The following may request alumni information from the Office of Alumni & College Advancement:

  • Cornell College Alumni Association Chapters/Clubs
  • College volunteers involved in College approved activities
  • Administrative units of Cornell College
  • Academic units of Cornell College
  • Athletic units of Cornell College
  • Other colleges and universities seeking the location of alumni with degrees from both Cornell College and the requesting institutions
  • Agencies that assist the Office of Alumni & College Advancement in locating Cornell College’s lost alumni (e.g. USPS Locator Service)
  • Cornell College alumni in search of other Cornell College alumni. Upon establishing their status as an alumnus (by providing a social security number or other identifying facts) an individual may request contact information for up to three individuals.  Requests for contact information on more than three individuals must be made in writing, stating the reason for requested information.  No information will be released for those records coded “Institution Hold” or “Do Not Contact,”indicating the alumnus or alumna has requested that they not be contacted by the college.

All requests from anyone else seeking information on another person will be forwarded to that person so that he/she can decide whether or not to contact the requestor.

All requests for information from members of the media must be referred to the Office of College Communications.

Since federal law restricts the amount of information that may be released on current students, no information on students will be released by the Office of Alumni & College Advancement.  Requests for such information should be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

All requests from employers/potential employers must be referred to the Registrar’s Office.

All requests for information from law enforcement agencies or student loan agencies must be referred to the Cornell College FERPA Compliance Officer.

In cases of dispute about whether an organization or individual has a legitimate affiliation with the College, or need to have access to alumni information, the final decision will rest with the Vice President of Alumni & College Advancement or his/her designee, with the exception of items listed above and student records covered under FERPA.

2. The following is information that may be released by the Office of Alumni & College Advancement.

Standard Information

  • Full name including maiden or birth name
  • Residential address and phone number
  • Degrees awarded by Cornell College with major field of study
  • Job title, employer name, address and telephone number
  • Email address if available

In addition to the "standard information" noted above, information provided to volunteer or alumni constituent groups and internal units of the College may include some of the following elements on an as-need-to-know basis:

  • Student activities
  • Alumni activities
  • Community or professional affiliations
  • Family information
  • Other relationship information
  • Degrees obtained from other institutions
  • Gift/Pledge or other sensitive financial data (restricted to development activities)

3. The following reflects the acceptable use of information from the database maintained by the Office of Alumni & College Advancement for College approved activities:

  • Alumni relations
  • Development
  • Public relations
  • Government relations
  • Department communications to alumni / constituents
  • College-sanctioned research
  • Continuing education programs
  • Student recruitment

4. The College may at any time contract the services of outside vendors (e.g. data processing consultants, direct mail firms, marketing and merchandising firms, etc.) to process information or conduct College approved commercial endeavors.  All vendors must agree to the following:

  • The vendor agrees to use the information only for the purpose intended by the College.  The sale or transfer of the information by the vendor is strictly prohibited.
  • If the project in question results in the publication of an “alumni directory” the vendor must provide to each individual who might be included within the publication an opportunity to be excluded.  The vendor must also provide to each individual who might be included within the publication an opportunity to exclude information pertaining to the identity of their children.
  • The vendor agrees to the prompt return of any College owned data or electronic software provided in fulfillment of the contract.
  • The vendor agrees to pay any costs associated with systems programming or special data processing that might be required beyond the normal capabilities of the College’s computer system.
  • In all cases involving the use of outside vendors or contractors, the absolute confidentiality of the information provided from the College’s computer system is the responsibility of the requestor.

5. Information may be obtained in the form of lists or labels in support of approved activities.  It is the responsibility of the unit or individual requesting the information to maintain its absolute confidentiality.  Upon the completion of the approved activity that required the release of information, the requestor must dispose of the information in the following manner:

  • Return the information to the Office of Alumni & College Advancement
  • Burn all hard copy materials
  • Shred all hard copy material
  • Erase / reformat all discs
  • Delete all electronic documents stored on a hard drive
  • Vendors are to comply with the return conditions outlined in section 4

Compliance with the Information Release Policy

Failure to abide by any of the policies stated within this document may result in the denial of access to information maintained within the College’s computer system.  Requests for re-instatement of access to this information must be approved by the Vice President of Alumni & College Advancement or his/her designee.