Organize a Cornell Event in Your Area

Request an "Event in a Box" for an event in your area!

Are you planning a gathering with fellow Cornellians?  Let the Office of Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving (AEAG) assist you! If you live in a region with 100 or fewer alumni or are planning a small gathering, we will support that event with "Event in a Box."

If you live in a region where a regional club has already been established, contact your regional club chair to recommend an event.

Intended for gatherings of 25 people or fewer, the Cornell College Event in a Box includes:

  • Nametags and registration sheet
  • Cornell napkins
  • Cornell balloons
  • Cornell swag for each guest
  • Cornell mini-pennant for a group photo
"Event in a Box" events should be inclusive and open to all alumni.

How it works

  1. Fill out the Event in a Box request form at least 8 weeks prior to the event.
  2. After receive your request, the AEAG Office will contact you to discuss details of the event.
  3. Marketing on the Cornell web site and by email will begin 5-6 weeks prior to the event.
  4. Two weeks prior to the event, the AEAG Office will mail the Box to you.
  5. After the event, send your photos and completed registration sheet to the AE/AG Office.
Office of Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving
Cornell College
600 1st Street SW
Mount Vernon IA 52314


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