Purple Pennant Project

Cornellians visit some pretty interesting places, and now you have a chance to show off your purple pride while you're traveling.

It's called the Purple Pennant Project, and it works like this:
  1. Cut out the Purple Pennant that was included in the Fall 2010 Cornell Report or print it out here.
  2. take the pennant with you when you travel,
  3. have someone snap a picture of you holding the pennant, and
  4. send the photo to alumni@cornellcollege.edu or post it on the Cornell Facebook page.
We'll post the photos on the college's Facebook page and some photos may be used in future issues of the Cornell Report.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Alumni Engagement Office toll free at (877) 683-7666 or alumni@cornellcollege.edu.