Faculty & Staff Resources

Alumni are the single greatest example of the quality of Cornell. Staying in touch with them will benefit your department or unit in more ways that we can describe here. Here are just a few reasons to invest in reaching out to your alumni.   
  • Find internship opportunities for your current students
  • Enrich your lectures by inviting alumni to participate in class
  • Assist in identifying alumni who might financially support the college
  • Develop ambassadors to recruit new students to your department
  • Survey alumni for program planning
The Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving team will work to make sure you have the resources to maintain connections with alumni long after they leave the Hilltop.  You can find answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the services we provide here.   We also encourage you to contact our staff to discuss your specific needs.


What do I do if I receive news from one of our alumni or if I know one of our alumni has moved or changed their contact info?

The easiest thing to do is to contact the Office of Advancement by phone at 877-683-7666 (toll free) or forward the information to alumni@cornellcollege.edu. Our staff will ask you a series of questions to determine if the info you have about a particular alumna/alumnus is up-to-date. We will then work with you to get that info into our central database.

Planning to ask alumni, parents, or friends to financially support your program?

Like all higher education organizations, Cornell increasingly relies on philanthropy to enhance its academic programs, faculty and student research initiatives, student scholarships and internships, student activities, facilities, and a host of other projects. The college’s policy for the cultivation and solicitation of grants and gifts has been designed to promote an environment in which fundraising is encouraged, supported, and strategic.

Please submit your request 6-8 weeks prior to your proposed solicitation. Before you submit a request through the Faculty & Staff Advancement Request Form, please review the Faculty & Staff Fundraising Policy and Process.

How can I get a list of alumni from my department?

The Division of Alumni & College Advancement maintains the central database of alumni information. Take a look at the Alumni Information Privacy & Release Policy and then complete the Faculty & Staff Advancement Request Form to tell us about your needs at least 5 business days in advance of deadline.

Want to send an newsletter, update, or invitation via email or mail?

Print invitations and newsletters

To receive an official, up-to-date address list for alumni of your department, complete the Faculty & Staff Advancement Request Form to tell us about your needs at least 2 weeks in advance of your drop date. AEAG prefers to preview samples of mailings prior to releasing any lists, so attach a sample or send a link to a preview of your mailing with your request.

E-newsletters, e-invitations, and requests to complete online surveys

AEAG makes distribution of your electronic communications easy.  Prepare your electronic communication, complete the Faculty & Staff Advancement Request Form at least 5 business days in advance of your email date, and we will blast it to your alumni or list it in the The Block Break alumni enewsletter.

Either way, we will gladly archive your newsletter on myCornell.

Want to plan an event for alumni, parents, or friends?

Details coming soon.

Does AEAG offer any support for bringing alumni back to campus?

Cornell remains a special home for so many of our alumni. Those who return to serve their alma mater as guest lecturers, lead workshops, or contribute to the life of our campus community in other meaningful ways deserve a warm welcome and a tangible sign of appreciation. Complete the Faculty & Staff Advancement Request  to tell us about your guest at least a week prior to arrival.