The Presidents Society


“We must have the courage to make hard choices to reimagine what we do here on the Hilltop, taking us to leadership in the liberal arts. Our vision also requires us to champion Cornell College and its distinctiveness, nationally and internationally, and energize our thousands of alumni to help us achieve our ambitions.”

President Jonathan Brand, Inaugural Address, April 20, 2011

Leadership annual gifts nourish the core of the college by easing Cornell’s reliance on tuition, fees, and earnings on the endowment. Each year, there is a monetary goal for Cornell’s Annual and Parents Funds—a  number representing what the college feels philanthropy can provide in support for Cornell’s current students. But the true goals of these funds can be stated in a more direct manner:

Engaged professors accessible to every student, competitive athletic programs, opportunities to create and serve across the globe, financial assistance for deserving students: the reimagination of the liberal arts experience plays out through your investment in the aspirations of 1,100 young men and women.

The difference you can make

Annual Fund and Parents Fund leadership gifts constitute a “living endowment.” At our current endowment spending formula of 5 percent per year, Cornell would have to acquire an additional $36 million of endowment to equal the amount of financial support provided by the annual giving each year.

Members of the Cornell College Presidents Society are philanthropic leaders who understand the power of a Cornell education. When you donate $2,000 or more, you become a member of the Presidents Society.

During the 2011-2012 fiscal year, 203 members of the Presidents Society gave more than $1 million to the Annual Fund and Parents Fund—representing nearly 60 percent of the Annual Fund total from fewer than 6 percent of donors.

The Presidents Society recognizes these donors who put the college first in their annual philanthropy. These individuals lead the way in supporting Cornell by making significant Annual Fund and Parents Fund gifts each year—gifts that underpin Cornell’s excellence.

Join us as we build on tradition.

Presidents Society Membership

$2,000+ offers membership

$2,500+ offers naming opportunity for a Cornell Scholar

$5,000+ offers naming opportunity for a Cornell Fellow

$10,000+ offers Leadership Circle membership

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