Support #ColorItPurple on Social Media

We’re excited about this year’s 18-hour fundraiser and we’re looking forward to making a splash across social media. We love Cornell, you love Cornell, here are a few ways you can help us spread the word about #ColorItPurple (look for the links if you need a brush up how-to). You will need to right-click (Windows) or hard-click on an image (Mac) to save the image to your machine. 

Cover Photos

On Facebook, you can change your cover photo to promote #ColorItPurple. If you don’t swap yours out often, here’s how.

Twitter takes a different size for your cover image, you’ll want to change it up with one below:


Profile Photos

Change your profile photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let people know about the day of giving and that you plan to participate. You can change your Facebook photo or Twitter photo from any device. For Instagram you’ll need to save the image to your phone and post from there.



Status Updates

Share a status update on Facebook or post a photo to Instagram or tweet on Twitter – let people know that you plan to participate and challenge your friends to take part too. What should you say? “We know we can do anything in 18 days – let’s see how much we can raise in 18 hours! #ColorItPurple.” “I gave and colored it purple, how about you? #ColorItPurple.” Or better yet “Putting out a challenge to #ColorItPurple at” 

On Twitter you can also do a direct challenge like “.@rjholmesleopold I challenge you #ColorItPurple before 2pm at” (Remember the “.” Before the person’s twitter handle so that the rest of your crowd sees the challenge too.)

A status with an image stands out, here are some you can use (save a copy to your photos on your phone for ease on Instagram):



Are you a video guru? Do you just have a smartphone and attitude? Post your challenge video on Facebook and share it with fellow alumni. Print off this hashtag sign and hold it up during or at the end of your video. Unsure of what to do? Check out our tips page for suggestions (and to see samples on what to and what not to do) on how to create your video story. 

On Facebook, anything goes for video. On Twitter your video needs to be less than 30 seconds long to post. On Instagram your video can be 3 to 15 seconds long. If you Snapchat, keep your challenge to 6-10 seconds but you know that already.